Why Your Business Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Change IT Suppliers

18th June 2020 Advice 4 Minutes

Growing your business and getting ahead of the competition in today’s marketplace requires you to keep up with the fast advancement of technology. Many businesses don’t have the means to bring on a highly-skilled IT department, leaving them with one appealing solution: partnering with a services supplier specialised in the field of information technology (IT).

Hiring in-house, full-time IT experts often sound like the best-case scenario, but this can often get expensive—a challenge if you are just starting out in the industry. Surprisingly, you may also find yourself limited in terms of skills and abilities if you keep your IT in-house. The good news is that you can still acquire the technological solutions and technical support you need by hiring external IT support via a service provider.

What Are The Most Common Concerns When Switching IT Suppliers?

Staying with an unreliable supplier can have more costs than you’d think—financial and non-financial alike. If you’re currently working with one that is unreliable and ineffective, then it is in your best interest to get better value elsewhere. 

Business owners and managers often hesitate to change suppliers for a variety of reasons, a few of which we will mention below. The idea of change can be appealing, but given the many unknowns, organisations often unintentionally try to prevent it. If your concerns are one or both of these two, though, believe us when we say you shouldn’t be afraid of change.

  • You don’t know it could be easier

You’ve been with your IT service provider since day dot and have no comparative for the services available in the market. Change is the unknown and the service you receive has never been unsatisfactory enough to warrant taking on that perceived risk. 

IT can be an enabler, not just a cost, for your business if implemented correctly. Ask yourself, these repeat issues I have or lack of apparent strategic direction, are they a symptom of a wider root cause? Unmanaged IT is a business risk, and unfortunately, it’s your risk alone. Engage with a partner that’s proactive, coming to you with ideas or resolutions to push your business forward. 

Engage with the market to survey what’s available, at the very least ensure you’re getting an appropriate cost for the services received. Remember, don’t compare Apples and Pears, all companies and services are different. Trust your instincts and failing that consult your peers, it’s likely they outsource their IT function too. 

  • Trusting someone to have your best interests at heart it difficult

Harking back to the earlier point, you’ve been with your current provider since day dot and there’s a degree of trust built, better the devil you know comes to mind. Putting your trust in someone you don’t know goes against our human nature, our advice, get to know them!

Reach out to IT service providers, talk with them and build a relationship just like you would with people in your personal life. Are they interested in getting to know you, your business and what you stand for? Are they interested in partnering with you and understanding your needs, or are you just another client destined for the list that’s allowed to call?

If an IT service provider shows an interest, I can tell you they genuinely are interested. Some of us are lucky enough to view our work as a vocation, helping people flourish in their working lives. Trust me, you’ll know when you speak with the right one.

  • You are bound by contract

The contract between you and your IT service provider outlines your business relationship and the scope of the work they have to offer you. If you are no longer satisfied with the quality of their work or you frequently encounter problems with their services, then you are more than within your rights to bring up your concerns. They have to ensure that your business needs are met and addressed according to the clauses stipulated in your contract.

If their quality of service remains unsatisfactory, terminate or avoid renewing your contract. The change you’re so afraid of could very well allow you to work with a new IT service provider that exceeds your expectations! Worst case scenario, your current supplier works out their delivery issues and begins to provide you with a higher quality of service.

If You Think You Deserve Better Service, Embrace The Idea Of Change

There are three primary reasons managers and directors may seek a new IT service provider:

  1. To address recurring issues. If your service provider fails to meet your expectations time and time again, it’s a recurring problem that needs to be addressed. As they say, the first time is a mistake, the second time is a choice, and the third time is a habit. You don’t have to stick around to see if they’ll change. 
  2. To improve your quality of life. If you’re constantly facing IT issues, chances are your current service supplier is fire fighting issue by issue rather than seeing the big picture. Look to work with someone who will solve issues at the source, not as they crop up.
  3. To get greater value. If your service provider isn’t delivering their money’s worth, perhaps you should be seeking a partner that will provide you with greater value. Our tip? Look for a service that isn’t just a helpdesk, but a partner.

If you resonate with any of the reasons above, it’s time to embrace the idea of change. You deserve to work with a team that is friendly, service-minded, and skilled. Current provider not meeting your expectations? We believe we will.


Working with an IT supplier provides your business with access to new technologies and industry experts who can offer you the IT solutions that you need. However, over time, there might be glaring signs that tell you to switch to a better IT service provider. If your supplier isn’t helping your business succeed, it’s time to embrace change and seek a new partner.

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