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Supplying great IT services isn't just about technical skill and a pleasant demeanor during individual cases raised, although they are important! 

Every IT supplier worth their salt needs to have their clients back, guiding them through the maze that is IT and third party management is the most effective way to display just that.

What is third party management?

All businesses have operational processes outside of what their IT provider should reasonably support, it's what makes them unique and competitive. There will likely be a third party support contract in place but how that support is accessed and managed is important.

For an Office Manager or even a Director tasked with managing the day to day operations, there's nothing worse than being stuck between two suppliers. Third party management is the process whereby your IT services provider will liaise with those external suppliers on your behalf, to ensure your business is operating efficiently. Examples of applications supported under this type of agreement are;

  • Any product in the Sage suite
  • A marketing email tool
  • A stock ordering system
  • An internet services provider

Why is it important?

For me, it's twofold. In the first instance it shows that your supplier truly cares and wants to help you resolve or even get the most from your product suites. Secondly, your supplier is best placed to assist, they will have technical expertise that mean, even without the application specific knowledge, they are best placed to spend the time resolving.

Why is it not always standard?

Too many IT services providers are differentiating their service to the bare minimum required, in the hope to undercut the competition. As time is money, if the service isn't included in your support contract, it's viewed as not their problem.

In their defense, without the breadth of experience that we have in our team, we'd find it difficult to justify the time that inexperienced engineers spend muddling through the process, ironically that time cost is exactly what they're forcing upon you! 

Why bzb IT are different

We founded bzb IT to provide a client-centric service that has been missing elsewhere. We pride ourselves on integrating as an external IT department and view our services as all encompassing in every instance. No problem is just our clients problem, we're here to support in whatever way we can.

With a combined experience of 40+ years, there aren't many applications we haven't already supported in some way and technical expertise puts us in the best position to ensure you get everything you need from your technology. 

Keeping IT Simple, for you.

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