The Invisible Threat to Businesses: Fileless Malware

12th August 2020 Advice 4 Minutes

Malware and viruses exist in all forms and kinds in today’s online world. With the evolution of the internet and the number of pages and files available online, scanning downloaded files is not enough to detect modern malware types these days. There are extremely talented hackers who are able to find ways around antivirus and anti-malware software through the use of fileless malware.

Since fileless malware is not as explicitly visible as traditional malware is, this can infect an entire system infrastructure without a trace. If you suspect that your business is at risk of infection by fileless malware, then a professional IT company can create safeguards to check and avoid this risk.

Here are some information about this modern type of malware and how to defend against it:

What is Fileless Malware?

These forms of malware do not rely on an executable file to infect your infrastructure, but instead hides in your computer’s random access memory (RAM) and use legitimate processes to run. These trusted, legitimate processes can come from macros in Microsoft Office and Windows Management Instrumentation. 

Fileless malware is known as an “invisible threat” because of how it uses a variety of techniques to operate—which can adversely affect the integrity of a business’ processes. Because there is no executable file to be traced, these slip past many antivirus programs, especially database-based ones. These are normally not caught by automated sensors and is usually best found manually by cybersecurity analysts and experts who can identify them. 

Fileless Malware Statistics

The latter parts of 2016 saw a 13% increase in fileless malware attacks, while the third quarter of the year had attacks that were 33% higher than in the first quarter. Across 40 different countries, Kaspersky Lab uncovered 140 infections from this type of malware, mostly targeting login credentials of financial institutions. Some of these cases had already succeeded withdrawing sums of cash from ATMs all over. 

The threat of fileless malware is real, and companies must take steps to ensure they are safe from the threats of these hackers. IT services can ensure that safety measures are taken regularly to ensure the proper protection of data and company-based software. 

Is Your Business at Risk?

In the online world, nobody is really safe from any kind of malware or hacker. A decorated hacker can breach even the strongest firewalls with ease, making the online world a deadly place to be in without any sort of security. It is hard to determine if your business is at risk, but the safest way to go about it is to imagine that your business is always at risk—and therefore needs to remain vigilant. 

Businesses should be practising in-depth defences by utilizing multilayered safeguard technologies to reduce exposure and mitigate damages. The best way to go about building a defence network is to employ the assistance of a professional IT service provider for quality safeguarding against threats. 

Additionally, make sure that employees practise changing passwords and login credentials, as well as linking their apps to further safety features, such as using phone number verification or utilising 2-factor authorization. Remember that these fileless malware programs target the login credentials of employees—so ensure to have them vigilantly change passwords!


Fileless malware is some of the most difficult kinds of malware to detect because of how it runs without an executable file. They can be disguised as a legitimate program and can be damaging to any organisation. Remember that your business’ secrets are the most important thing to keep safe—so safeguard these as much as possible. 

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