17th February 2021 Company News 5 Minutes

In 2020, we have seen one of the biggest shifts in workplace behaviour as many office staff and businesses have adapted to more flexible working conditions out of necessity.

The trends we will see in the upcoming year will largely depend on situations outside the hands of many businesses, as well as how much businesses desire to create some certainty in a somewhat unique set of circumstances.

Remote Working Is Going Nowhere

With the majority of office staff spending the majority of 2020 working from home, it is perhaps no surprise that many businesses will seek to make this a permanent fixture for many employees.

According to a study by Enterprise Technology Research, the percentage of permanent remote staff is expected to double in 2021, and several high profile companies have publicly stated their commitment to maintaining its productivity benefits even as the current challenges dissipate.

Technology Takes Over

Most business communications have transitioned onto online platforms, with video conferencing being a large part of everyday working life.

Technology has helped to boost resilience, and technological solutions and business IT support will likely continue to be high priorities for many businesses going forward.

A Focus On Burnout Reduction

The last year has been difficult for almost everyone, with many people’s lives disrupted and others struggling to effectively balance work with home life priorities, as well as missing a social connection to fellow employees.

This has led to an increase in presenteeism, which is a phenomenon where people continue to work despite being, ill, injured, in pain or struggling with mental health and burnout issues.

Being supportive, having an open-door policy to discuss concerns and issues without prejudice and ensuring people know they have a group of people that are there to help them if they are struggling is vital to ensuring higher morale and lower employee turnover.

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