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Account managers are generally known for their skills in managing human relations. They are often the people who respond to customers to make sure they feel appreciated and cared for, while at the same time serving the needs and objectives of their employers.  On the other hand, technical account managers face greater challenges, especially since they have to manage clients and accounts for services that are far more difficult to understand for the average person.

What is the role of a technical account manager?

A technical account manager is part of the second phase of customer relationships in a company that provides tech services, such as IT support. After the customer has bypassed the initial phase with a salesperson, their management is pushed towards the capable hands of an account manager.  Account managers represent the strategic link and communication channel to the customer, as they play the role of advisor and company representative at the same time. They facilitate the rollout of new services and benefits to the customer and make strategic recommendations about the client’s service package. Essentially, they ensure that the customer makes the most out of your company’s services.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of this role

More often than not, account managers exist to sell more services and products to clients and other businesses. However, in the tech industry, there is a greater expectation upon them to satisfy their customers’ needs. The more technical and complicated these services are, the more knowledgeable they must be of these technicalities. As such, it is not enough for account managers to be good at managing human relations. They must also have a wide knowledge of your company’s services to effectively convey their value and provide support for your customers.

The benefits of hiring a technical manager

bzb IT offers unique services, allowing you to hire technical account managers and IT support for your organization. This technical account manager can familiarize themself with the ins and outs of your business, allowing them to tailor the right benefits and services to serve your customers well.  We’ve mentioned the technical knowledge these account managers need to have to be consistently successful at their jobs. This level of expertise, coupled with an inherent drive for customer satisfaction and excellence, could give you an essential ally in your business’s operations. After all, technical managers have to ensure that the money that goes into their paychecks is worth it. As such, they must provide your organization with a level of impressive dedication. 

In conclusion

IT services and management are essential to any business’s continued growth and success. As such, you must have the right staff in your company to handle your relationships with those who provide the services for you. You must also carefully manage these relationships to ensure the continued success of your internal operations.  With the right technical account manager and the right IT services provider, you can rest assured that your data and digital operations remain in the right hands.  If you’re looking for IT support in Bath, send us a message at bzb IT. We can provide your organization with a fully functioning IT department and the infrastructure to facilitate its growth.
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