We design the IT solution that will lead to success.

Technology can be complex. Knowing what you need, and how to get it cost-effectively, are your first two hurdles. We get to know our client’s needs so that you can understand what is possible.

Working with small to medium sized businesses in the South West, we use IT as the solution. The result: a secure, flexible and resilient IT system that works for you.

Our solutions are presented in clear non-tech speak. You simply get the tools and technology for the job of today and tomorrow.

Service features

IT Consultancy

Rely on experts who speak without jargon and focus on your business strategy. We increase efficiency and productivity.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning

We provide solutions to provide peace-of-mind should things go wrong. We meet industry best-practice to protect your business.


Financial planning

Knowing what is possible, at what price, and balancing it against the objectives of your organisation, requires technical knowledge.

Cyber Security

We prioritise security from the start, and continue to test your systems to ensure they are robust. 

We partner with you through IT growth.

We know that a time of IT change is daunting. With bzb IT in your corner, you can confidently choose the right IT solution for your business, and get it working for you, quickly.

We use our technical experience and knowledge to make this time hassle-free and a time of opportunity. You receive technology that meets your needs, while keeping IT simple.

Service features

Project Planning

Hassle-free transition is down to structured and careful planning. You’ll know what is happening and when, and the impact it will have.

Project Implementation

With experts on hand, 24-7, your project is implemented smoothly and with minimal disruption. Built to be scaled, you can be sure that as growth comes, your business will thrive through its IT function.


Change Management

Change can present weak spots. Not with bzb IT. We use ITIL aligned change procedures which remain secure at all times.

User Training

Using jargon-free onsite training, we enable you to make the very best of the technology resources you have. Increase productivity and efficiency.

We are with you for the long haul.

Our goal is to keep your business running smoothly, productively and efficiently. With bzb IT ongoing support, we can ensure IT problems are blips not headaches. Never feel alone or daunted by your IT again.

Our client-centred approach ensures we meet your needs, whatever they are. IT becomes your partner, not your pain. We proactively keep our sights on your business objectives, identifying both problems and opportunities for the future.

Service features

Incident Management

Using our triage service, we ensure the right IT expert is tasked to any incident, saving you time and effort.

Problem Management

We don’t simply fix problems and move on. Each month we conduct an incident analysis so that we can learn. We respond with proactive solutions to remove obstacles.

Event Management

When we’re working on your systems, our toolset allows us to access your machine, leaving you to get on with your work. Additionally, our Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) tool gives us complete visibility of any problems on the horizon, so that we can fix them before any weaknesses are exploited.