MSP 101: Why Outsourced It Services Is the Best Option for SMEs

25th June 2020 Advice 4 Minutes

The difficulty with starting up a business is having to handle the back-office tasks as well. While basic infrastructures are enough to get your company started, they won’t do well for your business in the long run. As your business gets bigger, you will need better support and management—especially when it comes to your IT support.

Your IT infrastructure is vital to running your operations smoothly, which is why it pays to have a specialist working on supporting it. The trouble, however, is that as you get bigger, the systems in place may be too much for one person to handle.

Although one option is to expand your IT department internally, you can also opt to outsource your IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Managed Service Providers: IT

Managed Service Providers (MSP) are business services that allow you to outsource certain business infrastructures and support to them. This, in turn, allows you to receive specialised support in whatever field your MSP is an expert at—without giving you the trouble of onboarding multiple other individuals for help with one aspect of the business.

Outsourced IT support providers are examples of an MSP and can be the best option to take for a growing business. Many will be faced with the dilemma of choosing between an in-house team and an MSP—fortunately, the pros and cons of making a decision are quite clear.

Hiring in-house will have you spending on salaries per person, whereas an MSP will have a whole team of professionals ready to provide you support. This makes getting an MSP both an effective and cost-efficient choice to take—especially for businesses that move on a tight budget.

When Is It Time To Outsource My IT?

As businesses grow and change, so do the needs of your company. While your current IT solutions might be enough, a lack of pro-active thinking can give you a problem later on. By knowing how to react to change, you can adapt accordingly and bounce your business back without missing a beat.

To help you in this regard, it might be time to outsource your IT support if:

Your competition is evolving

Your business’ internal IT support may be at par now, but the industry evolves rapidly with time. As such, it’s important you’re keeping tabs on changing trends.

If your competitors are outpacing your service capabilities, then it’s time to start scaling your own support as well. This won’t just keep your business up with the trend, it allows your business to work efficiently enough to survive.

Increasing growth & changing strategies

As your business grows, so does your IT infrastructure. A talented IT professional can create numerous systems to adapt to this, but at some point, maintaining them will be too much for one person. This will require your IT professional to keep reacting to changes, rather than proactively setting systems to stay ahead.

Through outsourced IT support, they won’t just be able to scale your operations accordingly, they can think one step ahead and resolve potential issues before they arise.

The Bottom Line

Budding businesses need to invest in their IT support in order to scale larger. Hiring a whole internal IT department may be quite a cost, which is why outsourcing your IT support is your best option.

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