Making the Shift to Digital: 3 IT Mistakes You Should Avoid

14th August 2020 Advice 6 Minutes

Every business owner needs to figure out how to generate the highest quality of output within a limited period. This allows them to see how they should run their business in the most efficient way possible.

With the use of modern technology, many businesses are making the shift to optimise their business models with digital platforms in mind. However, some companies may still have trouble adapting to the steep learning curve. These learning hurdles can lead to lost opportunities in keeping up with industry competitors.

Having an IT plan

All industries need to review their processes to improve the overall quality of their service. The integration of IT systems for business has been around for the past few decades but has seen more traction now that modern consumers are more invested in online interactions. Because of this, you need to ensure that you’re limiting your mistakes when it comes to handling your business in today’s digital age.

In this article, we will discuss three IT problems you should watch out for.

  1. Unoptimised work practices

Switching to digital documents is one way to cut back on your hardcopy paperwork. As a business owner, you need to be familiar with the tools that can help you best in performing your task. If you’re too afraid to make the switch, you may end up in the last place compared to your competitors! Your dependence on paper-based documents can bring your company’s productivity down.

Some businesses are too fond of maintaining old-school practices, which is what prevents them from expanding their company at the same pace as their competitors. With today’s modern technology, document management tools can help you with making the shift to digitise your documents. This allows you to create, collect, edit, and submit official documents without having to go through the rigorous traditional processes of paper filing and management.

  1. Not using cloud systems

Besides using digital tools to organise your data, you can also use them to improve your workplace dynamic. An excellent way to take advantage of the accessibility of cloud servers is by subscribing to a commercial platform. This allows you to receive custom IT support for your business’ needs without having to invest in developing your own network infrastructure.

Cloud systems aren’t just meant for data storage but also for data collaboration tools. You can use cloud applications that can easily be accessed through your mobile devices so that you and your staff can attend to work even when you’re away from the workplace.

  1. Cyber attacks and data leaks

Cybersecurity is becoming a more significant concern for consumers and companies everywhere, especially for businesses that collect confidential information from partner institutions and loyal clients. The threat of losing valuable personal data and credit card information due to data leaks from malicious individuals have made businesses increase their network security.

Your job as a business owner is to make sure that your data is adequately protected, no matter how small or how large your company is. A straightforward way to prevent data attacks is by keeping your software updated while installing heavy encryption settings on your hardware’s networks. Using network monitoring is also another solution to ensure that your workplace data is kept safe.

If you want to stay safe after experiencing an attack, you should regularly perform data backups of your files so that you can recover them easily. This is also an effective way to keep your systems in check in case emergencies will cause your hardware to malfunction.


If you want to continue your business’ trajectory towards success, you need to be updated with the latest trends and tools that technology has to offer. Doing so won’t just optimise your business practices, but will also allow your customers to trust in the security and safety of your products and services.

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