How To Conduct A Successful IT Risk Assessment Procedure

20th July 2020 Advice 4 Minutes

Everywhere on earth, the total number of the population shifting to working from home or remote environments has increased because of the rise of COVID-19. In the United Kingdom alone, pre-COVID numbers of remote workers rated at less than five percent of the working population. That number is now roughly half of the population. 

When work shifts to a remote setting, this means more processes done online, therefore shifting the technology your business will be using. The moment business shifts to either a fully-online or mostly-online setting, you will need to run an IT risk assessment to see the security of your work networks and programs. 

Why You Need To Do An IT Risk Assessment

Conducting an IT risk assessment allows you to see any vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your system and allows them to be managed correctly. Through this uncertain period of working from home and the safety of the online world, understanding working practices versus those that are not working is vital in company security. 

With the online world riddled with threats and viruses, risk assessments help companies gain foresight into existing threats that can be potentially detrimental to their assets. Security should be the number one priority especially when business shifts online and must be performed regularly. Investing properly in IT support for top-tier security will help with saving potential money from future damages due to breaches, so utilise security measures wisely. 

Define All Possible Vulnerabilities

Admin work will help with maximising IT risk assessment and security measures. Creating a document with all vulnerabilities that exist and have the potential to emerge in your business is key in preventing them from pushing through. Think of ransomware, phishing attacks, and destruction of physical data storages so that your company can adjust accordingly.

With cybersecurity, risks are often interconnected, and triggering one event can cause a snowballing effect that causes more serious damage quickly. When this occurs, it is often difficult to recover lost data and even get the trust back from clients who have lost their data to hackers. 

Communicate Plans To The Whole Business

As part and parcel of IT risk assessment, this entails the whole business using technology to conduct work to adhere to security standards by taking safety precautions online. Give your staff a picture on the status of the safety of your networks, and what needs to be done regularly to keep the company’s information safe. Utilising updated software and antivirus programs often, keeping passwords updated regularly, and practising proper site browsing is integral in keeping your business elements safe. 

Collecting Data

The risk assessment will conduct testing to assess both hardware and software for strengths and weaknesses in the integrity. This becomes a review of your company’s current IT infrastructure. Anything found to have security risks must be noted and assessed further on how to strengthen them. Remember that data you have of customers is an asset and contains its own compliance issues. All of the data collected must be kept safe and confidential as part of the laws surrounding these fields of cybersecurity. 

Review And Maintain The Plans Implemented

The policy crafted to reduce security breaches will be the master guide to planning for controlling future risks. This covers eliminating possible incidents of damages and their causes. Regularly assess the risk mitigation plan to ensure it is still comprehensive and highly effective. This can be done through the help of an IT company who can assist in approving the plan and even add further modifications to strengthen the security measures.


Always remember that online safety and security is the most important aspect of any business, especially with those who handle extremely sensitive and confidential information. Don’t let your secrets fall to the hands of hackers and those who have bad intentions for your data, as this can mark the downfall of your company. Be safe through outsourcing IT systems for your business as soon as you can. 

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