How IT Support Can Keep Your Employees Happy

28th July 2020 Advice 4 Minutes

The modern business entails a rich environment filled with new practices and requires all kinds of technology and digital marketing techniques to stay afloat. You will rarely find a business that is successful and does not have a proper website or properly managed social media accounts. Running an entire company today means keeping up to date with the latest technology, and this is where IT specialists come into the picture.

IT roles have become increasingly important, as these are integral in keeping the company up and running through communications technology and better user experience overall. In fact, IT efficiency plays a role in employee satisfaction, and ultimately dictates how much productivity employees have. 

IT Strategies And The “Employee Experience”

While there is the customer experience, wherein the business tailor fits its practices towards the customers for best returns on investment, there is the not necessarily lesser-known, but often overlooked, employee experience. The employee experience is actually just as important as the customer’s because the employees who work for you serve the clients who invest in your company. If your staff feel better about the place they work in, the better they are able to craft positive environments for your valued patrons. 

The overarching concept of “flows” is found everywhere from nature to technology. Fewer interruptions and downtimes on communication networks mean better business. This is thanks to better productivity, which can be achieved at a maximum rate for top-tier efficiency. When employees have a reliable network of communication products and technologies, it is easier for them to conduct business in an expedited fashion, as well as with fewer frustrations. 

The 4Ps Model For Workforce Enablement

Forrester’s 4Ps model entails that support must be productive, pain-free, personal, and proactive. When it comes to enterprise request management (ERM), this needs intuitive solutions and a centralised request portal for easy access and maintenance of issues. These processes can even be automated to improve service speed and quality, which means better efficiency overall.

The 4Ps can be described as:


With an ERM portal, employees have a set place to go to for requests in terms of IT management and assistance with their jobs. With this centralised, it can expedite processes for submissions by up to 80% quicker, which means more reports can be submitted without disrupting workflow. When there is not much to worry about IT support, and employees can conduct their business with ease of reporting, there will be more time for work and fewer downtimes and confusion.


With IT support being consumer-like in nature, those working under a company can enjoy an easier and less stressful service experience. Having the ability to submit requests and troubleshoot problems from any device makes the process much simpler and smoother. You will want to craft a portal that is intuitive and designed well for everyone to be able to use and understand it. 


Tailor-fitting the platform to suit individual needs can make the ERM portal easy to use for all. Depending on the user’s role and location, this can be made simpler by eliminating the need for redundant data by just having an employee log-in account to simplify the process.


When it comes to ERM portals, you will want it to become as automated as possible, which means the use of other existing technologies like mobile reports using QR codes and others. When employees have a system that works for them and are extremely effective at problem and bug resolution, they will spend less time frustrated because of how easy fixes will become. 


With a growing business, always keep in mind that the satisfaction of your employees is just as important as pleasing your customers. Technology continues to evolve and grow, but that doesn’t mean it is always a hundred percent reliable. Through the assistance of an IT support company to expedite the processes of tech support and management, you can rest assured that your company is in good hands.

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