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We’re living in the technological age and it dictates how everything in our lives is done, by and large, but new research has revealed that businesses around the UK are displaying digital immaturity, with business leaders exhibiting a lack of awareness of key emerging technologies.

The state-of-the-nation report, The Future In 2020 Review, carried out by BT, also indicated a failure to associate the benefits of technology with improved business performance, with a third of those asked saying they have no plans to invest in new technology over the coming five years.

Although more than 40 per cent of businesses have adopted VoIP, no other new technology currently has an uptake of over 25 per cent. It was found that only 20 per cent have thus far embraced the Internet of Things, while around 30 per cent believe that 5G has a role to play in the future of their business.

“Whilst the research suggests that uptake of emerging technology is slow, the understanding and adoption of these technologies will increase as 5G becomes more prevalent.

“Businesses that can harness this early on can reap significant benefits, saving time, boosting efficiencies, unlocking innovation and creating a sustainable future,” managing director of commercial marketing with BT Enterprise Chris Sims said.

5G is the next generation of wireless technology, following on from 4G, with all four major mobile networks in the UK having launched these services already. Tech firms are now introducing 5G-ready devices, with benefits including faster speeds, greater capacity and a reduction in latency, which means it’s more responsive.

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