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What is patching, and why should it be a priority?

Tl;drCyber Essentials outlines 5 basic steps to secure an IT environment, installing updates (Yes, Microsoft & third-party) is one of them.Make sure you have a strategy in place, you don’t want to be on this list. Look at Cathay Pacific if you want to see why Cyber Essentials is a great starting point.Definition of a patchI was on a training course earlier this year where we discussed the origin of…

Sam Vesey May 15, 2020 Cyber Security 6 Minutes

Our password policy tips

We all should implement secure passwords for all the services we access as standard and there's no reason every one of us can't. Knowing what makes a password secure, that is resistant against cracking, bridges the gap between those with an 8 character minimum length password and the practically un-crackable 15 character phrase needed.So, let's start with the fundamentals...The best place to start - The Basics AAA - Authentication, Authorisation,…

Sam Vesey Jun 05, 2019 Advice, Cyber Security 6 Minutes