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It's safe to say that Q2 2019 has been a busy one, even to the point where we're 4 weeks late on writting this post! That said, we've enjoyed every second of it and would love to share all that we've experienced with you;

  • Tom (me) has joined the team
  • We've upgraded our office space
  • We've partnered with a mail filtering provider
  • We've welcomed a number of new clients to the fold
Welcome to Tom Alcock!

Naturally, it'd be slightly unusual for Tom to write about the impact he's had at bzb IT himself, so here's Dragisa to do so on his behalf...

Tom joined the team in May and, as we expected, hit the ground running. Tom's wide breadth of knowledge and calm, methodical personality provides both us and our clients with the reassurance that all problems are in safe hands.

The value he's contributed to all areas of the business is immeasurable, even just having his personality present during deliberation or incident response ensures a measured, detailed and appropriate result for all stakeholders.

Where Tom has really excelled is living and breathing our company ethos of a relationship orientated service. He's well on his way to Cisco Certified Network Associate, reflecting our level of second to none expertise but even more importantly he's built lasting relationships and impressions with our existing clients already. 

We couldn't be more impressed and are certainly looking forward to a long future with Tom at bzb IT, as are our clients I'm sure.

Now, I'll leave you in the safe hands of Tom Alcock for the rest of this post...

New office space

With the addition of myself to the team, it was long past due to say that hard goodbye to our first ever office and move to somewhere that offers larger floorspace. Thankfully, just that was available at our current location in Kelston Park! 

Our old office, as you can imagine, was a bit cramped - I don't know really know how Sam & Dragisa ever thought this would be enough room for anything but the really short term, maybe they just really liked the view out the back of the building!

Our Old Office

old bzb office

Our New Office

bzb IT office

Needless to say, it was a busy moving day, deciding how we wanted the furniture placed seemed to take forever. But, my opinion won out and as you can see, there's plenty of room for expansion and we're enjoying the fact we can all sit in the same room and bounce ideas around.

If any of our client's fancy a nice cup of tea, a good discussion about your IT and catching the last of the late Summer Sun, please feel free to drop in.

 New partnership with Spam Titan

We all know the annoyance of being inundated with spam emails but there's a hidden importance when looking through the lense of Cyber Security. The amount of disruption a phishing email can cause is untold, it's important to have a good first line of defense and unfortunately we've often found the inbuilt spam filtering protection from Office365, Exchange or any other vendor alone is not enough to adequately protect a business.

We surveyed the market for a number of months, particularly interested by Cisco Email Security, Mimecast and Symantec. After much deliberation and testing, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Spam Titan.

Spam Titan is able to intercept emails containing spam, phishing content and malware/viruses before they even enter the company's email system. End users receive an email report each day, allowing the release, whitelist or deletion of emails blocked. It really is best in class email security for those with Cyber Security at the forefront of their business operation and whilst from our point of view, it takes a skilled engineer to operate, it results in a great user experience for our clients, which is what matters most.  

Welcome to the family

This brings me nicely to our last point. Q2 has been busy on all fronts, not least to mention the welcoming of new clients to the fold. So, if you're reading this and have joined us in the past couple of months, please know that we've enjoyed every second of it and are very much looking forward to a long future working together.

And finally, we shift our focus towards the end of 2019 and what that holds. With more SMEs deciding to partner with us we anticipate a busy few final months but I for one am greatly looking forward to it. Building a quality, sustainable relationship with our clients has been a priority from the outset, we know that every communication with an IT provider should create a lasting impression and we're doing our best to ensure that's the case. 

Thank you for reading, as ever all comments are welcome and if you want to connect please do so via my LinkedIn

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