Sam Vesey 15th April 2019 Company News 4 Minutes

This one is for our new stakeholders, those who might not necessarily know how this exciting venture came about, who we are and what it means to be part of our community. We promise it wont take up too much of your time!

Founding mission

bzb IT was founded to provide a genuinely client centric approach to everything IT. Our Directors have over 25 years experience in the IT trenches, if there's ever such a thing, and are ready to finally bring to market a service that aligns cost effectiveness with expert, friendly expertise.

We seamlessly slot in to your organisation to ensure all your IT needs are covered - workplace flexibility, high availability and secure Cyber Security practices. Often the above results in a complex IT system, some would say unusable. We Keep IT Simple, you can rely on us to show you the ropes and get the most from your budget.  

Taking up offices

As an agile technology company, working from our home office has always been a pleasure, it's given us flexibility and quality of life that comes with that. That said, we knew it was long past due to take that next step - towards commercial office space.

There's no substitute for face to face collaboration within the team and being able to entertain clients with a lovely cup of tea whilst adding second to none expertise just felt like the next logical step to our client centric service.

After much exploration around Bath and the surrounding areas, we settled on the absolutely stunning Kelston Park, and thus far haven't regretted a single second. It's easy to see why!
Kelston Park House

Additions to product portfolio

With an increasing need for a robust cloud backup strategy we have partnered with Veeam to provide their cloud connect service, we wont bore you with the technical detail in this post but take our word for it, it's pretty special!

Clients can backup and/or replicate all data to our secure offsite data storage services. Safe with the peace of mind that in the event of a disaster, we're able to spin up replicas in our offsite facility in under 2 hours!

We continually expanding our product portfolio, our clients need cutting edge technology that is affordable and in a market sector that's as agile as ours, it's important we do our due-diligence to ensure all needs are met. 

Welcome to our new clients

This post has been very business out rather than client in, not representative of us at all! So, we'd like to put out a special mention to those who have joined us on this special journey during the last three months. Working with you all is a pleasure and we're looking forward to adding more value to your businesses over the coming months.

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