Let’s make the complicated, simple

We’re the experts, so you don’t have to be. We believe in offering custom IT services which allow businesses to realise their potential. Partnering with bzb IT brings you industry experts who will partner with you in the way you need.

You can take the basics for granted. Security and system resilience underpins everything we do. From here, we optimise the IT solution you need.

Headed up by IT experts, you’ll never need to wade your way through IT headaches again. In our camp, and therefore yours, we have IT consultants with a vast range of knowledge, skills and experience. With certifications from major industry vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco and TigerScheme we bring expertise when it matters.

Focusing on the South West, we’re a local IT support service, providing the framework local businesses need.

Keeping IT simple. We take care of all IT needs.

Our team

Dragisa Matovski, Technical Director
Drag lives and breathes technology - has done since his career began over 20 years ago. There's still nothing better than getting his hands dirty. A great communicator, especially when it comes to Liverpool FC and why they'll win the Premier League!
Tom Alcock, IT Engineer
A busy life is a happy life for Tom. He's worked in IT for 5 years, loves solving problems and has somehow also found time to; Co-Found M4 Escapes; race his mini; and attend Thursday night dinner club!
Sam Vesey, IT Consultant
Sam loves everything networking, more specifically anything Cisco! He's certified to Network Professional level and if you happen to find him without a self study book in hand, he'll likely be playing cricket, football or in the gym.
Chris Devrell, DevOps Engineer
Our DevOps extraordinaire. Chris integrates our business processes with leading software solutions, automating client outcomes where possible.

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