22nd January 2021 Company News 3 Minutes

By now, most organisations will have overcome the difficulties in enabling remote working, but the challenges of cybersecurity remain in many instances. Unless these issues are managed better, the risks of suffering a security breach will continue.

Employees are always under pressure to be productive, and often end up working longer hours, while home life continues to revolve around them as children need homeschooling, other members of the household need space to work, and pets clamour for attention. This is when cybersecurity standards and training begin to slip.

It has become harder for IT departments to be hands-on with cybersecurity best practices while people are working from home, especially with the number of people using their own devices.

We have three ways to help bolster your cybersecurity.

1. Make them smarter

Cybersecurity training and education are not options, it is essential, and with a highly distributed workforce, it’s more important than ever. Without training, your employees will not be made aware of the latest vulnerabilities to cyberattacks or the malicious methods used by hackers and bad actors to exploit weaknesses.

Ensure your business conducts regular training sessions on a companywide basis, especially highlighting the threats posed by using home devices. That might include delivering best-practices training in regular yet brief “bite-sized” sessions.

2. Lower BYOD’s impact

A ‘bring your own device’ may provide remote employees with greater flexibility, but presents a massive challenge for IT departments. From enabling patches and updates on software to an inability to remotely wipe a remote device should it become lost or stolen, many vulnerabilities may expose sensitive or confidential information.

3. Keep up the cyber pressure

After the initial impact of the pandemic early in 2020, business leaders did an amazing job of the rapid transition to remote working, but now is not the time to ease up on security protocols that served them well for an office-based workforce.

Reinforce the need for clear and consistent regular communications with remote teams, reiterating the need to understand all the security risks of working from home, and how to protect personal devices so that both individuals and organisations are protected.

Keep these three points in mind when reviewing your cybersecurity strategies, and you will make great strides in keeping yourself, your business and your employees safe.

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